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Haikara - Haikara (Digipack)









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Original release 1972
Re-issue Universum 2007
Digipak !!!

In English their names would be Stork and these Finns fly as high as one of those birds. This quintet made some of the best and most complex music from Scandinavian countries on their first two albums sometimes making you think of CRIMSON and TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI, but they sing in Finnish. Their third album was a private (self-produced) pressing affair that veered to a much heavier rock. Recently, two more albums have been released and the rumour has it that they are in the same vein although only their multi-instrumentalist leader Vesa Lattunen remains from the 70's line-up. Nevertheless their first two albums should be considered by progheads as minor classic and are likely to appeal to everyone concerned.

Track Listings

1. Köyhän pojan kerjäys - The Beggings of a poor boy (5:41)
2. Luoja Kutsuu - The Lord asks for you (7:45)
3. Yksi Maa & Yksi Kansa - One Land & One Nation (9:33)
4. Jälleen on meidän - It's ours again (10:56)
5. Manala - Underworld (10:37)


- Vesa Lehtinen / vocals, tamburine, cow bell, Eberhard Faber 1146 No. 2
- Vesa Lattunen / vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, piano, organ, bass
- Harri Pystynen / flute, Tenor saxophone
- Timo Vuorinen / electric bass
- Markus Heikerö / drums, tubular bells, triangle

Matti Tuhkanen, Timo Vuorinen, Seppo Peltola, Kaj Backlund, Mircea Stan & Markku Johansson