Hackensack - Live The Hard Way (Digipack)




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Original release 1973

Re-issue 2008 Bull's Eye
Digipak-CD !!!

Formed by Nicky Moore in 1969 Hackensack were considered one of the heaviest live bands of their day. They only released one album during their lifetime. Over more than 270 gigs they built up a small but loyal following but weren't able to generate sufficient revenue to continue as a viable project. Their sound was a heavy blues/rock mix and Up the Hardway is highly regarded amongst collectors and very collectable.


1 Intro (0:47)
2 Rock And Roll Woman (5:20)
3 Ordinary Girl (6:39)
4 Up The Hard Way (14:17)
5 Northern Girl (6:37)
6 Where I Am (4:53)
7 Statesboro' Blues (4:42)
8 Shangri-La (4:54)
9 Angela Theme Goodboy, Badboy (7:18)
10 A Long Way To Go (7:45)
11 Up The Hard Way (10:41)