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Gurnemanz, was a German folk rock band, who have recorded and pressed privately two excellent albums during the mid 70s. Their delightful music is somewhere between first Broeselmaschine, Hoelderlin and Ougenweide. All ingredients are there, sitar, flute, lute, lyre, mandolin etc played by master musicians, but above all is this stunning female voice of Manuela Schmitz. This is their second album, originally pressed privately in 1977, all tracks are sung in English and it includes one of the best versions of the JOHN BARLEYCORN song, ever heard.

-deluxe 180g vinyl, from the original analogue master tapes
-exact reproduction of the original first pressing
-500 pieces limited edition.

Side One:
1. What A Day It Is 2. Libelle 3. Das Schwartenhals 4. John Barleycorn 5. Givers and Takers

Side Two:
1 Morning Song 2 Dublin 3 Deep Sleep 4 Different Ways 5 Mattelotte / kupferschmied 6 Die Auswanderer.

Vinyl Reissue by Missing Vinyl 2012
sealed !