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Grupa 220 - Slike (Digipack)




Footprint Records





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Original release 1975
Re-issue 2007 FootPrint Records
sealed Digipak CD !!!

Grupa 220 (Group 220) were formed in 1966 in former Yugoslavia by members of the bands Ehosi and Jutarnje Zvijezde (Morning Stars). It was common for the new Yugoslavian bands to adopt the musical styles of the British and American bands of the day, influences which are in abundant evidence here! The band took part in Yugoslavia's first rock festival in Zagreb in 1968 and the Split festival later the same year. The influential Drago Mlinarec (vocals and guitar) left the band in 1971, but the group were undaunted, continuing to perform and record without him, leading ultimately to the 1974 release of Slike, a superb guitar-based progressive/acid rock amalgam which has become a major hard psych rarity. Think of the twin lead guitars of the Allman Brothers , combined with a heavy Sabbath/Purple influence coupled with some easy West coast sounds and maybe you'll get the idea. Grupa 220 deliver a solid album reflecting a wide range of musical influences.