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Flawed Gems



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Original released 1971
CD reissue 2012 Flawed Gems
+ 2 Bonus Tracks
sealed !


The sole album of this great, but underrated British progressive band was released in 1971 by MCA Records. Decorated with colourful art deco-style cover, this beautiful but largely unknown LP was inspired mostly by early Yes, Rare Bird and Caravan albums, although the band had much more to offer. The quartet presented a cleverly arranged, progressive songs ( usually lasted 5-6 minutes ), sometimes even touching on pop music... The sound of Gringo was very melodic and enjoyable combination of classical music-influenced electric piano & Hammon organ passages, sharp, electric guitar leads, powerful rhythm section and very fine female ( and sometimes male ) harmony vocals. After a break up the bass player John G. Perry became the member of Spreadeagle and Caravan.