Grinder Switch - Right On Time (CD)


Crossroad Production





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Southern Rock (US)

Originally released 1980
Re-issue 2009 Crossroad Productions


Dru Lombar (vocals, guitar, slide guitar)
Chris Anderson (guitar, vocals)
Stephen Miller (keyboards, vocals)
Joe Dan Petty (bass)
Rick Burnett (drums)


1. Moving On Back To You
2. Lady Luck
3. Confusion
4. 80 Miles To Memphis
5. Slow Movin Dancer
6. Brand New Feeling
7. When The Rain Comes Down
8. How Come It Is

In 1973 four young musicians moved to a farm outside of Warner Robbins, Ga. For 10 months the band wrote and rehearsed material for what was to become their first album on the rising Capricorn label. The album Honest to Goodness, The band GRINDERSWITCH. With the release of their first album came non stop touring with The Allman Bros Band, The Marshall tucker Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, Wet Willie and Lynyrd Skynrd. For the next 3 years the band stayed on the road and released the critically acclaimed Macon Tracks and Pullin Together. Then in 1976 after returning from a major European tour with MTB and Bonnie Bramlett ,Grinderswitch entered the studio to record what would become their biggest Album Redwing but there was problems with the label and the album was shelved. The band sat without work or any future prospects of breaking the stalemate for 6 months.

Times were tough but they stuck together and in 1977 Redwing was released on the newly formed Rabbit/Atco label. The band was impressed by the amount of promotion the new album was receiving and went into the studio and recorded 10 tracks for an album with the working title Chasing Wild Desires Then came DISCO. All of a sudden the Southern Music scene just disappeared.

Grinderswitch went on to release a couple of Indie label releases but by 1983 they knew it was over.