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GOAD - Masquerade (Doppel Vinyl)




Black Widow


Doppel Vinyl



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With this new work GOAD returns to break up the ground native to Rock, to say progressive is to say little, since as the traditional resonance of this kind of music of which this Florentine group in Italy is a historical icon - adds impulses of other natures. The orchestral vein, for example, deepens the organ scores that counterpoints with a dirty and insinuating guitar, that appears throughout the record as a sort of trademark. The idea is a ferrous solemn gait. Enough to listen to ‚"Fever Called Living‚" crossing hard aggression, plays to the point of explosions just pointed out, to have an idea of the capacity of GOAD to remain on the outer limits, to play alternations of a duet. They play strident and wrapping harmonies, good and evil, sunny and telluric.

Double LP-reissue Black Widow 2011