Glenngärd, Mats - Kosterläge (CD)




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Original released 1972
CD reissue 2012 Flawed Gems
sealed !


In 1972 Mats Glenngard became a member of MK II line-up of great, folk-progressive rock band Kebnekajse. In the same year he recorded a fantastic solo album ( released by small Gump label ) with a help from the members of Fläsket Brinner, Nature, Atlantic Ocean, Jason´s Fleece and of course Kebnekajse. Although Glenngard is known mostly for his fine violin playing, `Klosterläge´ LP focused just as much on his songwriting and guitar skills. The album delivers four beautiful and very fluid long progressive tracks ( featuring his Swedish vocals ) alongside some very short folk tunes in the violin. The longer tracks can be compared to the style of other heavy-progressive Swedish bands like Life, November and Saga. This CD has been carefully remastered from the original, analogue source.