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Giorgio C. Neri - Logos (Digipack)




Black Widow





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Studio Album, released in 2009
Black Widow Records
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Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Intro (2.25)
2. Id & Trad (4.38)
3. Alleanza (4.03)
4. Seconda Navigazione (1.00)
5. Addio (6.04)
6. Le Braccia e le Ali (6.04)
7. Guerra (1.23)
8. Godinus 7 (a) (4.31)
9. Godinus 7 (b) (6.19)
10. Tuona il Cannone (7.02)
11. Per Tutti e per Nessuno (1.14)
12. L'Ultima Danza (9.17)
13. Sipario (3.05)

Total time: 52:26

Line-up / Musicians

Giorgio C. Neri - electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, dulcimer, piano, keyboards, flute, percussion, sequencer
Roberto Maragliano - drums
Giuseppe Alvaro - vocals (10)
Gian Castello - flute (10)
Vittorio Ristagno - vocals (4, 11)
Roberto Tiranti - backing vocals (10)

Giorgio C. Neri biography
Born in Genova in the mid 1960s, Giorgio Neri is a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer whose influences range from Orme and Osanna to Zeppelin and Yes, from Gong and Tangerine Dream to Vivaldi and Bach. He was once a member of the band Agarthi Sound Factory but decided that for an album this personal, it needed to be a solo work. While Neri plays almost everything on the album it does not sound like some of those one-man, one-dimensional album, but instead feels like a full band with a wide range of styles and variety. He described the album to me as a personal spiritual journey and that Logos is in its very essence, a prayer. [Jim Russell]