Giombini, Marcello - Astomusic Synthesizer (Vinyl)


Ambient / Prog


Fifth Dimension





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Originally released 1981
Vinyl reissue 2015 Fifth Dimension

Sealed !

Another great but late (1928 - 2003) synthesizer artist and pioneer, this time from Italy. His works date back to the early 60s and maybe even beyond considering his age. In the mid to late 60s he became quite active in the field of western movie soundtracks for example. This album I have the honor to review is a concept album on the zodiac signs and the music it contains could not be more diverse. The elements that unite all the tunes are the entirely synthetic, yet warm analogue sound and the surreal, spaced out atmosphere. Several different basic genres deliver the inspiration from which Marcello Giombini forms his melodies, harmony patterns and rhythm structures. There are tunes you will easily recognize as pop songs with a typical 60s approach concerning the melody writing, there are baroque elements and even pure soundscapes that make you feel like being trapped in the interior of a thinking machine. The synthetic sound adds a futuristic shine to each composition. The mood changes are dramatic. You can float down a peaceful river of dreams at one point and then become swallowed by a vortex of musical fury that projects a galactic battle before your third eye. Indeed the whole album could work as a soundtrack for an epic science fiction movie whose story drags you far out into space. In case you love movies such as ‚"The black hole‚" and enjoy the compositions of other synthesizer heroes such as Mort Garson you will certainly hold one of the most precious musical treasures ever in your hands. Every fan of 70s synthesizer music should at least give this a listen and decide whether it has the power to lift him off the ground.