Giant Crab - A Giant Crab Comes Forth (Vinyl)






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Original release 1968
Vinyl reissue 2012 Sweet Dandelion Records

Produced by Bill Holmes, 1968's A Giant Crab Comes Forth offered up an engaging mixture of Rascals-styled blue-eyed soul with occasional psychedelic influences. As lead singer/prime writer, Ernie displayed a knack for penning highly commercial material. With the exception of the leadoff narrative (apparently meant as a way of thanking mentor Fairchild), virtually any of the 16 tracks would have made a dandy single. Highlights included a reworking of the earlier single It Started with a Little Kiss, Watch Your Soul, Enjoy It, Lydia Purple and the heavy metal Hot Line Conversation. That wasn't to say the set was perfect in that the band's penchant for incorporating happening sounds was annoying. Elsewhere their out-of-tune cover of Joey Levine's I Enjoy Being a Boy was thoroughly irritating. Sadly the collection vanished without a trace.