Garrison, Michael - Live Volume 2 (CD)




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Volume 2 : Daydreams / The Elliptical Sun / Beyond the Cosmic Horizon / To the Other Side of the Sky / The Search / Crystal Moon / Theme to the Earth- Star / Airborn / Everybody's Warrior / Escape / Lansdowne Cruise.

Michael Garrison live performances are as rare as the proverbial, and even rarer in Europe. This concert was recorded on the 13th August 1994 in Cologne. For those of you unfamiliar with MG's music, simply imagine dense layers of sequences (often pitched at a mid-pace lilt) embellished by busy lead synth lines. The feature I particularly like about his sound is the use of foundation shaking bass. Virtually all his tracks feature it, pounding away under the sequence lines and giving the music real presence and stature.