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Long before Gandalf The Grey's legendary 1972 album The Grey Wizard Am I, the wizard as at work at the Charles Dickens studios (NY) in 1968 on the Tin Angel Sessions. Out of these demo efforts came another string of sessions known as What's the excuse. Here is more troubadour psych from the Wiz! and all never before released. 22 Tracks in total.


1. Tin Angel, Pt. 1
2. Carnival
3. (Yesterday Comes) Before Tomorrow
4. This Is How I Think of You
5. I Wonder Where They're Going
6. What's the Excuse
7. Sun Is Down
8. Down the Stairs
9. Tin Angel
10. (Yesterday Comes) Before Tomorrow
11. Shadow of Tomorrow
12. This Is How I Think of You
13. What's the Excuse [Instrumental]
14. Shadow of Tomorrow
15. Lavender Girl
16. Go and See
17. See Beyond the Sea
18. Pocket Full of Dreams
19. Let the God of Peace
20. I've Heard It Said
21. Beauty of the Sky