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Flawed Gems





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Originally released 1969
CD reissue 2015 Flawed Gems
+ 2 Bonustracks

Eingeschweißt / sealed !

Prior to their sole Capitol Records LP released, the New York-based Gandalf (formerly known as The Rahgoos) appeared at various New York clubs throughout the Sixties.
In 1968 the band was responsible for creation of legendary, mystical and tranced psychedelic masterpiece dominated by dreamy, echoey vocals and nicely swirling organ. Unfortunately, the released date was long overdue and in the meantime the band lost faith and dissolved. Finally the album was released in early 1969 as a very limited pressing run of a few hundred copies, with no band to back it and zero promotion. The majority of the album comprises covers (the group had only two original songs) - all of them being metaphysical epics of mesmerizing beauty. Without a doubt, the music on this record is US psychedelia at it's best. This carefully remastered CD has been expanded with 2 rare tracks from 1968.

1. Golden Earrings 2:45
2. Hang On To A Dream 4:12
3. Never Too Far 1:50
4. Scarlet Ribbons 3:02
5. You Upset The Grace Of Living 2:38
6. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone 3:07
7. Nature Boy 3:06
8. Tiffany Rings 1:48
9. Me About You 4:53
10. I Watch The Moon 3:50

Bonus Tracks:
11. Tears Of Ages (Live 1968) 2:56
12. Golden Earrings (1968 Demo) 6:08