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Original released 1972
CD reissue 2012 Flawed Gems
sealed !


Funky Junction were a kind of Irish ´supergroup´formed in 1972 specifically to record a single album of Deep Purple songs. The band itself consisted of all three members of early Thin Lizzy ( Lynott, Bell & Downey ) and 2 musicans from less-known band Elmer Fudd. This happened because Lizza didn´t have a keyboard player and Phil Lynott was unable to sing like Ian Gillan, so he ended up playing the bass. Nine tracks ( including 3 instrumentals and one original song ) were recorded in one day and relesed in January 1973 in two versions: in UK and USA as ´Funky Junction Play Tribute to Deep Purple´( on Stereo Gold Award label ) and in Germany under the name ´The Rock Machine Play the Best of Deep Purple´( Sonic Records ) . Front cover of UK edition featured zhe photo of heavy rock band Hard Stuff ( at the time signed to Purple Records )! This very fine and underrated album is recommended to the all fans of hard rock.