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Studio Album, original released in 1971
Vinyl Reissue 2010 Klimt Records

Sealed !

Line-up / Musicians

- Tony Durant / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
- Michael Day / bass
- Michael Gregory / drums, percussion
- Janet Rogers / violin, backing vocals
- Madeleine Bland / cello, piano, harmonium, backing vocals
- Vanessa Hall-Smith / violin, backing vocals

Not to be confused with the flower (fuschia), this group took its name from Mervin Peake's book Titus Groan (just like the proto-prog group of the same name, Steerpike and Gormenghast) and was the project of Tony Durant. Having dabbled in the music business since 66 (he started with Henry Cow's Chris Cutler in a band called Louise), but leaving it for a University spell, he started writing again eventually forming a trio with drummer Gregory and bassist Day. But Durant was interested in using and integrating string instrument in another fashion than using them as a string section for embellishment, so they joined forces with a truio of classical music student babes (what a coincidence, them being a trio too ;-). The project was contemporary of the start of ELO and Jan Dukes De Grey. The music developed then very charmingly as a folkish trio with extended strings arrangements integrated fully in their music.