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Frohmader, Peter - Kanaan live 75 (CD)




Green Tree





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Electronic Music

Green Tree Records 2000

Peter Frohmader is one of most interesting and not ordinary persons of our time. Composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, an artist, Peter is one of key figures in modern musical culture. He is considered to be the experimenter-workaholic, the author of tens solo projects and numerous collaboration works with Richard Pinhas, Michael Fuchs-Gambock, Andreas Merz, Iva Bittova, Chris Karrer, Kanaan and Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev. His musical career started in the beginning of 70-s when he began playing with such collectives as Apha Centauri (avant-garde music), Electronic Delusion (electronic experimental music), Kanaan (jazz-rock/electronic music). In 1979 Peter Frohmader launched his own two projects - CIA (hard-rock music) and Nekropolis (experimental music). His LP debut Musik Aus Dem Schattenreich (Music from the Darkness) was quite an extraordinary work that combined the aesthetic of rock music and sound experiments. Its sound reminded early Cluster releases, esoteric Amon Duul II and legendary King Crimson recordings. Nekropolis underwent various changes in the group-stuff but Frohmader always remained the permanent leader of the project. Sometimes he also released his own solo works under Nekropolis label. The name that had already became known world-wide. The certain communications with German underground movement (which representatives scooping their inspiration in Christensen's and Murneau's cult films) are traced in Peter Frohmader's activity. Peter's music is mystically gloomy, chaotic and avalanche. His stylistics, a manner of presentation of sound material, wielding of the instrument, performing techniques bewitched the listener. You can like or dislike his music but it will never leave you indifferent and all that was created by Frohmader for to-day or will be created in future always will be interesting for the fans of serious art. Music of this very talented German composer will take a worthy place in history tables of modern musical culture.