Freeborne, The - Peak Impressions (CD)




Second Harvest



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Original release 1967
Digipak CD reissue 2007

Sealed !

A Boston group whose sole album, recorded at CBS Studios in New York, is excellent - full of the acid imagery which typified the Bosstown sound in 1968. Almost every track is of interest. For example Land Of Diana has a compelling organ intro, Visions Of My Own some fine woodwind instrumentation and Inside People unusual fuzztone vocals and pleasing keyboards.

1. Images

2. Land Of Diana
3. Visions Of My Own 4. Sadly Acknowledged
5. Peak Impressions & Thoughts
6. Yellow Sky
7. Hurtin' Kind Of Woman
8. Inside People
9. A New Song For Orestes
10. But I Must Return To Frenzy

Bonus Tracks:
11. Images - (Mono 45 version)
12. Land Of Diana - (Stereo mix #2)
13. Incidental Music