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Beat !

Original release 1969
Re-issue Repertoire Records 1991

Trudie Harris: Lead Vocals (Keyboards)
Dave Huffman: Lead Vocals (Guitar)
Jimmy Winders: Bass (Vocals)
Bubba Willis: Lead Vocals (Keyboards)
Jeff Hunter: Lead Vocals (Drums)

Track listing:
1. My Little Chickadee
2. Till Night Brought Day
3. Waiting on the shores of nowhere
4. In the bad bad old days
5. a Penny, Sir
6. I Can feel it
7. take Away the emptiness
8. Let the Heartaches begin
9. A Walk through the trees
10. That Same Old Feeling
11. Solomon Grundy
Bonus Tracks:
12. Baby, I couldn't see
13. I'm gonna be a rich man
14. In the beginning
15. Take A Girl Like You

International recording artist with over 5 million in record sales in the 60's and early 70's, numerous complilation albums, movie soundtracks (Something About Mary, Shallow Hal, etc.) New release in 2003 I Remember...the Foundations. Foundations Release Year 2002 The Very Best Of The Foundations (Sanctuary) Release Year 2002 All The Hits Plus More Release Year 2001 Baby Now That I've Found You Release Year 1999 Collection: Baby Now That I've Found You Release Year 2000 The Very Best Of The Foundations (Taragon) Release Year 1995 Build Me Up Buttercup Release Year 1995 Build Me Up Buttercup Release Year 1969 Digging The Foundations Release Year 1967


THE FOUNDATIONS are a late 1960s outfit that managed to reach the tops of the both the British and American charts more than once in the space of a year and had a solid three years of recordings. At the time of their debut in mid-1967, they were hailed as being among the most authentic makers of soul music ever to emerge from England -- the best practitioners of the Motown sound to be found on the far side of the Atlantic -- and were also accepted in jazz circles as well. Baby Now that I've Found You, Build Me Up Buttercup and In the Bad, Bad Old Days were the biggest hits for this multiracial octet made up of members from all over the world. The Foundations were formed in January 1967 in the basement of a local coffee bar in Bayswater, gathered together through advertisements in Melody Maker. They selected a name Foundations based on their surroundings, a rehearsal space in the basement of a building. The group made very little headway for their first few months together, although they did manage to get an audition at the Marquee Club. It was at their regular spot at a much smaller club called the Butterfly -- where they played one legendary gig on the last night of the Stax/Volt European tour -- that led to their breakthrough. They were spotted by record dealer Barry Class, who was impressed enough with what he heard to become their manager. He arranged a meeting with Pye Records producer/songwriter Tony Macaulay, who was working with Long John Baldry with some success, but also was desperately looking for a new act to break for the label. He'd written a song with his partner John Macleod called Baby Now that I've Found You, which seemed to suit the Foundations. The resulting single, issued in the summer of 1967, got no reaction from the public or on the airwaves until it got picked up by the BBC's newly founded Radio 1, by a stroke of pure luck. The station wanted to avoid any records being played by the pirate radio broadcasters, and looked back at recent releases that the pirates had missed. Baby Now that I've Found You was the immediate beneficiary, along with the group -- by November, the single held the number one spot on the British charts. The group's timing was as perfect as the song -- there had been a soul boom in England since late 1965, and the subsequent Motown and Stax/Volt tours by American R&B stars only heightened the public's interest. The Foundations were hailed for being the first British band to come up with an authentic soul sound, and the fact that they were first multiracial band to top the British charts only made their success that much more impressive (at a time when England was beginning to come to grips with its own racial attitudes). What's more, the group had the goods to back up the press' accolades. Their performances revealed a seasoned, well-rehearsed, exciting stage presence and a bold, hard soul sound that most British bands managed to imitate only in the palest manner, if at all. Meanwhile, their debut single got to number 11 on the American charts in the hands of MCA's Uni label, and it was equally well-received in the rest of the world, selling something more than three and a half million copies.

The Foundations are now based out of Columbia, SC and continue as one of the premier oldies show groups in the US. Be sure to check out their new recordings of
Cloud 10 and Jamaica Me Feel along with their Your Nite With The Stars Show.