Formerly Fat Harry - Formerly Fat Harry (Vinyl)


Country- / Folkrock


Prog Temple





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Original released 1971
Vinyl Reissue 2013 Prog Temple
eingeschweißt - sealed !

Led by Bruce Barthol (bassist with San Francisco psych heroes Country Joe & The Fish), this oddly-named quartet coalesced in London in 1969 and soon gained admirers for their laid-back country-influenced sound. They became a fixture in the city's underground clubs and at free festivals, but their sole album appeared in late 1971, by which time their moment had passed.

Track Listing
1. Passing the River
2. My Friend Was a Pusher
3. About My Life
4. Please Go Away
5. I Saw the Ringing of the Bell
6. Tell Me All About It
7. Captain Heart
8. Goodbye For Good