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Song Title
1. Don’s Mom’s Green Boiled Ham
2. One Day At A Time
3. Sleepy Time Day
4. Das Is Wonderful
5. Tall Tale
6. Thee Andes Tune
7. Theme From The Pet Dome
8. Versatility


Another musical gem which somehow or other managed to completely bypass the musical scene of its time, only to languish undiscovered in the vaults of obscurity until now. Released on the Cornball label in 1978, Footch Kapoot (a silly name, admittedly, but don't let that deter you) this is an album of whimsical eccentricity which defies musical categorisation. From the opening bars of 'Don's Mom's Green Boiled Ham' you just sense you're in for something very different and every subsequent track simply confirms one's first impression. All six band members are virtuosos of their own chosen instrument, with several showing their multi-instrumental skills with consummate ease. The album rocks at times, then leans back and gives us a soft shoe shuffle a la Leon Redbone's 'Walking Stick.' There's incredible honky-tonk piano, crazy clarinet made stranger by the use of a reed modulator which gives the instrument a sound the likes of which the human ear has seldom, if ever, heard. The slide and lead guitars are slick and effortless, the drumming tight as it comes, and harmonies that just blend together into one angelic voice.