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Originally released 1978
CD reissue 2022 Paisley Press


First Light were a band from Australia with direct ties to the excellent progressive rock /AOR hybrid band known as Aleph. First Light is a bit different though, and they play a mighty fine (mostly) instrumental jazz rock. Sunny in its approach, with some excellent guitar leads, at times reaching a Santana like intensity. Some nice ensemble unison runs with sax, flute, electric piano, and the female voice on 'Earth Wave' gives it a Northettes feel, that adds points. 'Tropical Inequation' is brilliant, a 5 star instrumental. Back cover says: "Mellotron and special effects kindly supplied by Aleph",though I can honestly say I couldn't spot the mellotron. High quality Australian fusion that deserves to be filed next to Crossfire, Snakes Alive, and Mackenzie Theory.