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Fireballet - Night On Bald Mountain (CD)




Flawed Gems





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Studio Album, released in 1975
CD Reissue Flawed Gems 2012
sealed !

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Les cathédrales (10:16)
2. Centurion (tales of the fireball kids) (4:46)
3. The fireballet (5:15)
4. Atmospheres (3:40)
5. Night on bald mountain: (18:55)
a) Night on bald mountain
b) Night-tale
c) The engulfed cathedrale
d) Night-tale (reprise)
e) Night on bald mountain (finale)

Total Time: 42:52


Line-up / Musicians

- Martyn Biglin / bass, 12 string acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- Ryche Chlanda / acoustic & electric guitars, electronic devices, backing vocals
- Jim Cuomo / lead & backing vocals, percussion
- Brian Hough / Hammond & other organs, keyboards, backing vocals
- Frank Petto / acoustic & electric pianos, synths, Mellotron, backing vocals


Fireballet biography
This is one of the gems from the USA progrock history. The band featured Jim Como (lead vocals, drums, percussion), Bryan Howe (Hammond - and pipe organ, celeste and vocals), Ryche Chlanda (electric - and acoustic guitars, electronic devices and vocals), Frak Petto (piano, electric piano, ARP 2600 synthesizer, Mellotron, electronic strings, Oberheim DS-2 digital sequencer and vocals) and Martyn Biling (bass, 12-string guitar, Moog Taurus bass pedals).

Their first album Night on Bald Mountain was released in '75 and produced by Ian McDonald (KING CRIMSON). It sounds like a very tasteful progrock stew with elements from GENESIS, GENTLE GIANT and YES. The very disappointing second LP ('76) is entitled Two, two ... , no surprise that it turned out to be their swansong.

The album debut-album Night on Bald Mountain from 1975 is a bit unknown beauty, other USA prog rock bands NETHERWORLD and LIFT got far more attention from the prog fans all over the world. The twelve compositions (including seven bonus tracks, All Killers, No Fillers would Greg Walker from Syn-Phonic say) contain alternating and captivating music with strong echoes from early GENESIS and also GENTLE GIANT and YES. But many twists and turns give the music an original approach, including exciting arrangements from classic composers (MUSSORGSKY and DEBUSSY). The singer sounds powerful and has a wide range, the 'vintage' keyboards are very lush with spectacular synthesizer solos and the guitar work has a beautiful, 24-carat symphonic tradition. Highlight on this splendid CD is the epic title track (almost 20 minutes): wonderful changes of climate, great breaks, impressive pipe organ (evoking Close to the Edge from YES) and beautiful HACKETT-like guitar work. Also worth mentioning is Ian McDonald's contribution to this album, he plays flute on two tracks and saxophone on two tracks, his sound is very distinctive. Highly recommended!

Review by loserboy
PROG REVIEWER Honorary Reviewer  

5 Superbly crafted 70's mellotron/moog laden progressive rock gem with great artistic expressionism and full instrumental interplay. Night On Bald Mountain was produced by KING CRIMSON's Ian McDonald who also contributes some sax on the album. Musicianship on this album is simply awesome with some of the most scrumptious interplay you have ever heard. Opening number 'Les Cathedrales' is absolutely in the same brilliance as early GENESIS with the most captivating and delicate of melodies. This five member band incorporate some wonderful musical instrumentation including xylophone, glockenspiel, chineese bell tree, gong, finger cymbals, tubular bells, triangle, hammond organ, pipe organ, celeste, mellotron, moog , Taurus pedals, and everyone's favourite... electronic devices. Vocals are quite well done with some great lyrics as well. Night On Bald Mountain contains 2 epic tracks and a couple of shorter but well pieced tracks. For those lucky enough to have snagged a copy of Setticlavio Record's (Italy) re-released CD pressing can also enjoy their second album as well... 7 extra bonus tracks from the album titled Two Too (1976)... although it is always nice to have this bonus material is ranks much lower IMHO than Night On Bald Mountain which is a great album and in my opinion an essential piece of Prog Land history !