Far East Family Band - Tenkujin (Digipack)




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Original release 1979
Re-issue 2007 Lion Records
Digitally Remastered

Track Listing:
1. Descension (2:04)
2. Tenkujin (5:10)
3. Timeless Phase (4:42)
4. Sakebi (2:10)
5. Nagare (7:35)
6. From Far East (8:41)
7. Ascension (4:12)

The bands last album which is a wonderful dreamy collection of flowing trippy guitar, synths, acoustic Japanese instruments and natural sound effects. A great late '70s space journey from the Land of the Rising Sun. Tenkujin was the final album for FAR EAST FAMILY BAND. After the Klaus SCHULZE style of electronic experimentations of Parallel World, the band decided to go back to the earlier sound, concentrating, once again, on ballads. A lot of reasons for that was KITARO left, embarking on his soon to be famous solo career. Akira Ito also left, also to embark on a solo career, but he ended up not being very well known in New Age circles. This is a trimmed down FAR EAST FAMILY BAND with guitarist / vocalist Fumio Miyashta, guitarist Hirohito Fukushima, and bassist Akira Fukukusa. For a new drummer, they brought in Yujin Harada.

- Fumio Miyashita: guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Hirohito Fukushima: guitar
- Masanori Takahashi (Kitaro): keyboards
- Akira Ito: keyboards
- Akira Fukakusa: bass
- Shizuo Takasaki: drums