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Far East Family Band - Nipponjin (CD)


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Originally released 1975

CD 1998 Buy Or Die Records

New and unplayed! Not sealed!

Track listing
Side 1:
1. Nipponjin (16:51)
2. The Cave (8:37)
3. Undiscovered Northern Land (2:54)
4. Timeless (4:26)
5. The God of Water (2:06)
6. River of Soul (8:28)
7. The God of Wind (2:33)
8. Movin' Lookin' (1:39)
9. Yamato (0:48)
10. Mystery of Northern Space (5:57)

Total Time: 54:19

- Fumio Miyashita / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Akira Ito / keyboards
- Masanori Takahashi (Kitaro) / keyboards, percussion
- Hirohito Fukushima / guitar, vocals
- Akira Fukakusa / bass
- Shizuo Takasaki / drums


— When I first heard this album I wasn't sure what I was listening to. Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd were my first guesses at the band's identity but somehow there was something else there that just didn't fit in. Thus I discovered the Far East Family Band and the very talented keyboardist (and future new age composer) Kitaro. I am glad I did!

This album contains re-mastered and re-recorded tracks of their eponymous previous (1973) album under the name of Far Out (without Kitaro) and the ambience and serenity that fills the atmosphere makes it really remarkable. Not much in the vocals department but I doubt if this will upset anyone at all. The long title track Nipponjin and the following The Cave are probably the highlights of the album without this going to say that the remaining tracks are by any means inferior of fillers. Frankly I think it would be difficult to select a favourite track on this album, all the tracks have a beauty of their own and as far as musicians go, these guys are an example of talent personified. Not surprisingly, both Fumio Miya[&*!#]a and Kitaro went on to well-deserved stardom.

Highly recommended!