Fairy Tale - Once Upon A Time (CD)




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Original released 1969
CD Reissue 2014 Tone Arm
Digitally remastered
Eingeschweißt-sealed !

Fairy Tale was a Dutch psych/rock group from The Hague that existed from the end of 1969 till the end of 1971.

Lineup 1969: Cees Hoogerheide (vocals, ex-Nicols; in 1970 replaced by Ellen Zonruiter; Cees went to Big Wheel), Herman Ansink (guitar; in 1970 to Blow Ball and replaced by one John Miles, who in turn got replaced by Martin van Wijk in 1971, later with Jupiter), Peter Seilberger (organ and piano, ex-Tee Set, later to Big Wheel and Jupiter), Ed Koetsier (bass, vocals, ex-Nicols) and Harry Koetsier (drums, ex-Nicols, later with Big Rock Revival).