Eyes Of Blue - Crossroads Of Blue + 3 Bonus Tracks (CD)




Flawed Gems



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Original released 1968
CD reissue 2012 Flawed Gems
+ 3 Bonus Tracks
sealed !


This fantastic debut album from psychedelic Welsh sextet ( who´d previously issued two Mod singles on Deram ) was released in December 1968 by Mercury Records. It was very enjoyable combination of pumping R´n`B, swirling psychedelia, early progressive rock & some jazz influences - full of spontaneous guitar playing, inventive Hammond organ & mellotron sounds, powerful drumming and classy vocals. Highlights include acid-tinged and very psychedelic `Prodigal Son`, dreamy arrangements of Händel´s `Largo`, powerful rendition of The Beatles` `Yesterday` and two Graham Bond songs ( who also wrote the sleeve notes ): `Love is the Law` and `Crossroads Of Time`. This is one of the best UK psychedelic albums ever!