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Progressive Rock (Switzerland)

Original release 1975
Re-issue Picar Records 2008
Digipak-CD !

An obscure 70's Swiss band, with a varied blend of progressive and hard-rock styles. Nothing is known about them except for one LP that was privately issued in the mid-70's. Exit were of that amateurish sounding vein akin to Grave or Kaputter Hamster, with rather drab production. Though, nonetheless, they were highly creative in mixing a wide range of influences, from the heavy and psychedelic through to majestic rock ballads. Especially notable is the album's opening track Paradise sounding like a hybrid of Birth Control's Stop Little Lady, Pancake and 60's bubblegum pop! Such a bizarre blend of styles in a heavy progressive is most odd. Elsewhere the mood is often more melancholic, even bluesy, with the accent on organ passages and melodic songs.

Andy Schmid (guitars, harmonica)
Edwin Schweiger (bass)
Roman Poitoil (organ, synthesizer)
Kafi Kaufmann (drums, percussion)

1. Paradise (7:59)
2. Balade Of Live (11:28)
3. Talk Around (11:55)
4. Bad Gossin (6:36)