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Etron Fou le Loublan - Les 3 fous perdegagnent au pays des... (Vinyl)




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Original released 1977
Vinyl Reissue 2014 Replica Records
eingeschweißt - sealed !

The full title of Etron fou le Loublan's second album is Les Trois Fous Perdegagnent (Au Pays Des...), which could translate to The Three Fools Lose'n'win (In the Land Of...) -- granted, it doesn't make more sense in English than in French. On this opus from 1978, Francis Grand picks up the saxophone where Chris Chanet had left it. Despite his inventive growls and screams, he simply cannot tame the devastating rhythm section of Ferdinand Richard and Guigou Chenevier. This album is a studio construction, filled with overdubs and intro/outro collages. The group has gained better knowledge of the possibilities offered by a recording studio, but still operates on a shoestring budget. The writing marks a step forward in cohesion, excitement, and zaniness. Instrumental tunes and passages are complex and fast (the opener, Face à l'Extravagante Montée..., makes a good example). The songs absolutely make no sense, part Henry Cow circa In Praise Of Learning, part pataphysical surrealism and circus freak show. The album culminates in Le Désastreux Voyage du Piteux Python (The Disastrous Journey of the Pitiful Python), a loosely knit narrative backed by illustrative music and dominated by the many voices of Chenevier. French proficiency is not that important to appreciate Etron Fou's provocative Rock in Opposition, but you'd better have a sense of humor.