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Progrock, Jazz-Rock




Original released 1980

Re-issue 20
20 Paisley Press

Eric DELAUNAY was a French drummer/percussionist that very little is known about. He was an early member of a band called ASIA MINOR, but left the band before they recorded anything. Somehow, he was able to find a label that would market his very non-commercial music and released one album in 1980 called "Antagonisme!"

The one example of his solo efforts is an excellent specimen of complex instrumental music, mostly energetic with his driving percussion work and some atmospheric and short piano passages. Influences include KING CRIMSON, GENESIS, GENTLE GIANT, ART ZOYD, Frank ZAPPA, VARESE, STRAVINSKY, Charles YVES, DEEP PURPLE and QUEEN. Also, fans of these bands along with MAGMA will find plenty to love here.