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Originally released 1976
Vinyl reissue 2015 Missing Vinyl Records

It shouldn’t be surprising that a band with a Hebrew name sings in both German and English. It’s one of the more unique albums to have come. It would appear the German sung tracks are for their more aggressive work, while they use English for the lighter fantasy fare (ala Yes, Nektar, Eloy). So the Deutsch songs could be seen as the successor to Prof Wolfff or Eulenspygel - that is a heavier rock base, with some snotty attitude. The exception would be the German narrated ‘Alvin Zweistein’, which recalls Minotaurus, when coupled with the spacey nature of the music. One note about the keyboards: They almost seem homemade. The organ is of the mid-1960s variety, whereas there are some electronics that one might hear on some experimental albums from 1967 or 1968 (think Silver Apples). Flute, sax and dual guitars round out the lead chores. Overall, El Shalom have provided a very intriguing album. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to what they were doing, certainly not a play for anything commercial. ‚"Frost‚" came out at a time when private releases, such as this, were quite rare and there wasn’t any preset audience expectation. Interesting trivia note: ‚"Frost‚" was recorded in the same obscure, tiny studio as Dom and Kalacakra!