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Original release 1969
Re-issue 2007 Lightning Tree

+ 4 Bonus Tracks

The official CD reissue of this rare debut 1969 album by Edwards Hand, the London Psychedelic Pop band formed by the UK duo of singer/keyboardist Rod Edwards (who was later a key member of Folk Rock trio Jade, and The Piccadilly Line) with Roger Hand(The Piccadilly Line). Produced by George Martin, who also did some stunning string arrangements, during a break from recording The Beatles' White album sessions. A beautiful whimsical record of lush harmony pop rock with progressive/psych tinges. Their music can perhaps be compared to the more orchestrated moments of Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour.

1. Banjo Pier
2. Characters Number One
3. Close My Eyes
4. Days Of Our Life
5. Episodes, Being The First Part
6. Friday Hill
7. House Of Cards
8. If I thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind (by John Cameron)
9. Magic Car
10. Orange Peel
11. Sing Along With The Singer
Bonus tracks [recorded as The Handed Down in 1968, direct to acetate]:
12. Outta My Mind
13. Last Night's Girl
14. Loves A Game For One
15. Goodbye Girl

Lightning Tree Records. 2007