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Edward Bear was a Toronto based Canadian pop-rock group, formed originally in 1966 by Larry Evoy and Craig Hemming. The band signed with Capitol Records in 1969 with a lineup of Evoy, Danny Marks and Paul Weldon.

Full-blown late psych/early prog music based on doomy Hammond organ sounds, intense and heavy guitar parts.
Beatles-like melodies and blues elements, quite similar to early Traffic, Procol Harum and even Andwella's Dream.

The band had its biggest hit in 1972, when Last Song charted at #1 in Canada and peaked at #3 in the US. Billboard Hot 100. It was awarded a gold disc in March 1973 for selling over one million copies by the Recording Industry Association of America. By then, the band's original line up had split up. Evoy remained as the primary songwriter and creative force throughout the band's career, rebuilding the band twice, until it finally was disbanded in 1974.