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Southern Rock (US)

Original release 1983
Re-issue 2010 Crossroad Productions
+ 1 Bonus Track

The Eclipse Band was formed by James Big Mike Donaldson in 1976 during his high school days. From his early days when he received a Kay guitar, which his parents bought him with Green Stamps, to the fine guitars he uses now, Mike has become a well-known guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Whether he's playing guitar with his teeth or using a Jack Daniel's bottle as a slide, you can tell he loves to Boogie, and Boogie He Does!

As for the bassist whose low notes are as solid as a Louisville Slugger, Brian Wally Walters creates a musical storm with his Thunderbird Bass. He also joined the band in 1976 and is also a excellent vocalist. Like Wally always says, Nuff Said!

Last in the bands roster is Mark Mouse Cook, Mark's drumming adds the final touch! His quickness, power, and timing are unsurpassed. Mark can also hit the HIGH notes when he's belting' out a tune.

Also, Eclipse has performed with numerous major acts throughout the years such as:

Toy Caldwell with and without The Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet, Steppenwolf, Kentucky Headhunters, David Allen Coe, and many, many others!