Dupree, Simon & The Big Sound - Without Reservations (CD)


Pop Rock


Mam Productions





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Originally Released 1967
CD Reissue 2003 Magic Records

Sealed !

Having ploughed the Portsmouth beat scene as the Howlin' Wolves andRoadrunners , the Shulman brothers forged Simon Dupree And The Big Sound .
It was the unashamed flower-power style of Kites which gave them their biggest success.


1. Medley: 60 Minutes Of Your Love - A Lot Of Love
2. Love
3. Get Off My Bach
4. There's A Little Picture Playhouse
5. Day Time, Night Time
6. I See The Light
7. What Is Soul
8. Teacher, Teacher
9. Amen
10. Who Cares
11. Reservations


12. Kites
13. Like The Sun
14. Part Of My Past
15. Thinking About My Life
16. Velvet And Lace
17. Broken Hearted Pirates
18. She Gave Me The Sun

Extra Bonus:

19. We Are The Moles (Pt.1)
20. We Are The Moles (Pt.2)