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Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt (CD)




Subliminal Sounds





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Studio Album, released in 2004

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Panda (4:55)
2. Gjort Bort Sig (5:10)
3. Festival (3:43)
4. Ar För Fin För Mig (8:28)
5. Ta Det Lugnt (7:43)
6. Det du Tänker Idag Ür du I Morgon (3:58)
7. Lejonet & Kulan (2:48)
8. Bortglömd (4:27)
9. Glömd Konst Kommer Stundom Ånyo Till Heders (0:55)
10. Lipsill (2:45)
11. Om du Vore en Vakthund (3:02)
12. Tack Ska Ni Ha (0:31)
13. Sluta Följa Efter (4:52)

Line-up / Musicians

- Gustav Ejstes / Bass, Fiddle, Flute, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
- Henrik Hilsson / Bass
- Fredrik Björling / Percussion, Drums
- Reine Fiske / Bass, Electric Guitar, Percussion
- Lars Olof Ejstes / Violin
- Tiaz Gustavsson / Percussion
- Aron Hejdström / Saxophone
- Anna Karin Palm / Voices

Dungen biography
Dungen are an excellent psychedelic rock band with influences from indie, progressive rock, and Swedish folk music. Ta Det Lugnt, their finest album, brought them much popularity and acclaim from the indie rock scene. It was recordley soley by Gustav Ejstes and is considering by many a masterpiece. The two albums that followed, while worthwhile, simply do not live up to the peak that was Ta Det Lugnt. The lyrics are all in Swedish but they are sung with such conviction and emotion that it works perfectly.

Dungen make an excellent addition to the Prog Archives becuase they contain the signature elements of prog: jazz and classical influences as well as non-conventional song structures. They would appeal to fans of classical psychedelia and prog folk. They are also very accessible, since their music is packed with great melodies and isn't self idulgent at all.

- Michael Crown (The Wizard) -