Dulces Anos - Singles 1970-74 (Vinyl)









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Released during 1970 - 1974
Vinyl Almudena Records

Numbered Limited Edition
Hand Singned

Dulces Años (Sweet Years) were a talented young Spanish band formed in the late Sixties by four 14 years-old guys. They were guided by Flix Arribas (drummer of famous band Los Pekenikes) who turned them onto a kind of Spanish Monkees. Between 1970 and 1974 they released five 45s, scoring a number one with their first single, Almudena, an outstanding little number much in the vein of Los Brincos, full of heavenly vocal harmonies and lushy orchestrations, written by genious composer and guitar player Tony Marn. But Dulces Años also recorded some of the best but lesser known pop gems from Spain during the 70s. Here you'll find exquisite baroque pop-sike (El Lobo Feroz), superb sunshine-pop (Voy Buscando), progressive pop (Caretas de Carton), ace harmony pop (Lady Love, Llegara el Otono). Any fan of popsike, soft-pop and sunshine pop should check this out!! Highly recommended to anyone into Left Banke, Kaleidoscope.