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DREAM's 'Get Dreamy' definitely is one of the most fantastic and unique underground albums from Scandinavia. Recorded in 1967, it was the first LP by legendary guitarist Terje Rypdal. A year later Terje recorded his first solo album, also for Polydor. The album 'Get Dreamy' features well written original songs full of wild fuzz guitar, swirling Hammond organ, sound effects and strong vocals. The musical influences could be Cream and Jimi Hendrix with the lyrical touch of Procol Harum. All songs are very well produced and were recorded in Stockholm. Dream started straight away with a full length album which was not common in the musical world in 1967. Most bands produced singles first. With a lot of enthusiastic help from Norway, including Terje Rypdal, plus the cooperation of many photographers, this album is reissued with a big poster insert, including an interesting band story and many, many unseen photos. The album was mastered in 24bit direct from the original master tapes, so the sound is ace and you can now hear many of the tracks in full stereo (the original Polydor pressing had half of the tracks in mono).