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Originally released 1973
CD reissue 2015 Flawed Gems

Eingeschweißt / sealed !

In 1972, after the break-up of the Uruguayan progressive rock band Opus Alfa, three members formed the power trio Dias de Blues.
Their only LP was recorded in Buenos Aires in November 1972 and released (with yellow-black cardboard cover) early 1973 by the local Argentinian Discos de la Planta. The music on this very rare 300$ rarity it's absolutely wild and raw mixture of electric progressive blues and very hard rock music influenced not only by Cream, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Cactus, but also by Color Humano and Pappo's Blues - both from Argentinia. During 1973 album was also released in Uruguay, but with different, black and white surrealistic cover. This album is absolutely recommended to all acid-jazz-heavy-progressive rck fans! This CD issue was carefully remastered and now sounds better than ever!


1. Amasijando Los Blues 6:15
2. Dame Tu Sonrisa Loco 2:37
3. No Podran Conmigo 2:20
4. Cada Hombre Es Un Camino 7:46
5. Estan Desubicados 3:28
6. Esto Es Nuestro 2:09
7. Vuela 4:02
8. Toda Tu Vida 9:23