Diamond Reo - Dirty Diamonds (Digipack)









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Original release 1976
Re-issue 2008 LION Records
Digipak !!!

Norman Nardini - vocals, bass
Warren King - guitars
Frank Zuri - keyboards
Rob Jones - drums

Track Listing:
01 All Over You
02 It Ain't What You Say, It's What You Do
03 Scratch My Back
04 Mamma Let My Love
05 It's A Jungle Out There
06 Lover Boy
07 Power
08 Bad News
09 Boys Will Be Boys
10 Helter Skelter

The Songs
Nothing soft or laid back to be found here, just an endless stream of heavy riffing and rock and roll with aggressive guitar work found at every turn. The only misnomer is a cover of The Beatles 'Helter Skelter', which doesn't matter in the onslaught of the nine originals which come before. Right off the bat is the raunch of 'All Over You', with Nardini causing a storm with his vocals amidst the first barrage of riffs that make Jimmy Page look small by comparison. The undisputed classic here is the rapid fire 'It Ain't What You Say, It's What You Do'. Those who think of Starz or Aerosmith as late 70's US rock gods may want to catch a snippet of this, it blows them away and is on par with anything by AC/DC for mayhem circa 1977. Mind blowing to say the least, and the melody levels are equal to the wall of noise. 'Bad News' isn't far off either and this is the sound Gus And The New Breed adopted on that 1983 special 'On The Verge', nothing fancy, no frills rock. 'Boys Will Be Boys' is 1980's party metal before it existed, and this is so far ahead of its time that it might be 1987! Listen to that hook, that's what rock is supposed to represent, defiance and fun. Nothing else can be faulted of the remaining tracks, and if you can get to grips with how heavy this really is, then the rewards are worth the effort.
Review By: dangerzone