Demian - Demian (CD)


Hard Prog Rock


Flawed Gems





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Originally released 1974
CD reissue 2013 Flawed Gems
sealed !

Great And Completely Unknown US Hard-Progressive From 1974


This is not a better-known Demian group from Texas (popular for their classic, heavy rock LP on ABC Records from 1971), but completely different band which recorded their Austin! This privately pressed and now very rare concept album was issued in 1974 by local Starbust label. It contains an excellent and quite eloquent rock opera, which sounds like `The Doors meets early Bloodrock` - whit trippy organ work and very fine and strong vocals similar to early David Bowie and Arthur Brown! It´s very enjoyable records, with plenty of great hooks, and unusual psychedelic sounds and solid, hard rock music with a distinct, progressive tones. It´s a really hard to believe that this excellent LP was never reissued before! This CD edition was mastered from the original, pristine vinyl.