Delirium - Lo Scemo E Il Villaggio (Vinyl)









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After their first album, Dolce Acqua, from 1971 and their memorable TV presence at Sanremo music festival gave around mid-1972 Ivano Fossati suddenly had to leave Delirium for his military service, later to pursue a solo career that's still successful today, even with a lighter (but always full of jazzy and ethnic influences) kind of music. His replacement was Englishman Martin Frederick Grice (from Boomerang) who, along with the ever present flute, was also a brilliant sax player. With this renewed line-up they released their second album, Lo scemo e il villaggio, still with some jazz influences and a stronger use of sax by the new member Grice, with the evident lack of a role singer in the band, all members taking the lead singer role. The track La mia pazzia is the closest to first album's style.

Vinyl reissue by Fonit
180g vinyl
Gatefold cover.