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Original released 1977
CD reissue 2014 GBR Records
Digitally remastered
eingeschweiß-sealed !

Dutch folk/rock in the highest grade.
This is one of those Folk Rockers that you can sit down relax and let flow over you, from start to finish a delight to hear, The music is easy on the ears but not a dull moment to be found!
There are some progressive moments in the mix and it's great to hear good lead guitar here and there, the album ends nicely with a ballad bassed around the piano.
A must for those into Fairport / Steeleye Span / Trees.

01. Daughter Of Peggy-o
02. Lovely Jean
03. Cup Of Tea
04. Tell Me What You See In Me
05. Young Waters
06. 't Visserke
07. Nine Paints Of Roguery
08. 't Koopmanszoontje
09. Gravel Walk
10. Call The Yowes