Dave Corbett & Friends - Stoned, Broke & Fed-Up (CD)




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Original release 1973
Re-issue 2010 Audio Archives

Ultra rare album recorded in 1973 originally pressed on the Deroy label in minute quantity and issued in a bizarre, oversized custom-made sleeve. Contains eleven home-grown songs featuring strong lead and backing vocals atop acoustic and electric guitars alongside piano and harp. Some songs like the head-weaving Smashed-out Carpet have a prominent eastern, tripped-out psych feel throughout whilst others straddle jug-band and folk areas. Some tracks stray into 60s Alan Price territory with the emotion-stirring title track clearly a major highlight.

Track List:
01 Smashed out carpet
02 Sweet on someone's mind
03 I wonder
04 Rock & roll star
05 Summertime
06 It's all gone now
07 Stoned, broke & fed up
08 Sun is setting on my life again
09 Troubled times
10 Mr Play
11 Dream momma