Czerwone Gitary - Spokoj Gitary + Bonustracks (CD)




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Originally released 1971
CD reissue 2015 Eastern Time
+ 8 Bonustracks

Eingeschweißt / sealed !

In the second part of the sixties Czerwone Gitary (Red Guitars) were the most popular beat/pop band in Poland.
After the departured of charismatic Krzysztof Klenczon (who recorded the superb 'Trzy Korony' hard rock LP, 1971) the band has changed and at first proposed a less commercial folk rock ('Na fujarce' LP, 1970) and then turned into a harsher sounding hard rock trio with a lot of fuzz and elements of psychedelia and folk (on 'Spokoj Serca' ,1971). It was quite a shock for the fans and a commercial flop. Nowadays it's considered one of the best (and rarest) vintage rock albums from poland.
This faultlessly sounding remstered CD edition contains sime very rare radio sessions tracks from the period and two recordings taped for German radio.


1. Nie Jestes Cisza 5:42
2. Nocne Calowanie 5:45
3. Gdy Trudno Zasnac 5:29
4. Uwierz Mi, Lili 3:22
5. Plona Gory, Plona Lasy 4:12
6. Jestes, Dziewczyno, Tesknota 4:00
7. Ucze Sie Zyc 4:54
8. Pierwsza Noc 4:06
9. Spokoj Serca 2:27

Bonus Tracks:
10. Pejzaz Miasta (Full Lenght Version ) 7:30
11. Nocne Calowanie (Radio Version) 5:00
12. Ucze Sie Zyc (Alternate Radio Version) 4:38
13. Anna M (From EP) 3:29
14. Plona Gory, Plona Lasy (Radio Version) 4:25
15. Uwierz Mi Lili (Radio Version) 3:22
16. Du Bist Die Stille Nicht (German Version Of Nie Jestes Cisza) 6:03
17. Küsse Bei Nacht (German Version Of Nocne Calowanie) 4:40