Cuero - Tiempo Despues (CD)









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Original released 1973
CD Reissue 2015 Fonocal

Brilliant Argentine 1973 hard psych-rock.
After the break up of Piel de Pueblo, outstanding guitarist Nacho Smilari and drummer Carlos Calabró joined Masllorens (ex-La Joven Guardia) and formed Cuero.The debut album was a hard rock effort lead by Nacho's brilliant guitar. The instrumental 'Tiempo después', 'Nuevamente el momento', 'No sé si voy a enloquecer', the blues 'Escucha mi voz', and the long psycho 'Paula acurrucada en un color' are the remarkable tunes. This is a recommended album for those who like Piel de Pueblo, Montes, Rockal y la Cría and Pappo's Blues.Cuero soon split after Smilari's departure to the USA. But later Nacho returned and the group recorded a very good album with the help of excellent musicians such as Bernardo Baraj (ex-Alma y Vida) on sax and flute, Osvaldo López (ex Los In) on drums, Adalberto Cevasco on bass, Raúl Parentella on electric piano and Joe Coco on percussion.