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Originally released 1975
CD reissue 2016 Paisley Press

Remastered !
Sealed !

The debut record from Crossfire is a Funky Jazz affair which takes the furthest step towards this kind of Progressive style of fusion amongst any of its counterparts from Australia. It is a very accomplished piece which draws influence from other Fusion bands like Weather Report as well as some spiritual Jazz inspired solos with some terrific Sax and Trumpet highlights.

The guitar work is also really noteworthy, with plenty of funky wah breaks and some melodic noodling. What sets it apart from other records of this kind is the careful attention the group seems to have given to the compositions. These songs are not simply a foundation for soloing and guitar wankery, they are carefully structured, progressive pieces that lead us on a bit of a path into a realm not unlike a ‘Soft Machine’, and moments which could have been lifted out of a cool Italian Library record.


Remember The Trees 5:00
Nobody Nose 7:38
Freddy Funkbump 4:32
Perverted Pavanne 6:07
Inside Out 7:33
Nada 1:28
Stygian Night 6:21
You Gotta Make It 7:50


Greg lyon
Mick Kenny
Don Reid
John Proud
ian Bloxsom
Jim Kelly