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Cressida - Asylum (Digipack)









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Studio Album, released in 1971
CD reissue Akarma Records 2003

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Asylum (3:33)
2. Munich (9:33)
3. Goodbye post office tower, goodbye (2:50)
4. Survivor (1:34)
5. Reprieved (2:28)
6. Lisa (5:08)
7. Summer weekend of a lifetime (3:25)
8. Let them come when they will (11:44)

Total Time: 41:15

Line-up / Musicians

- Angus Cullen / vocals, guitar, percussion
- John Culley / lead guitar
- Peter Jennings / organ, piano
- Kevin McCarthy / bass
- Iain Clark / drums, percussion

guest musicians:
- Harold McNair / flute
- Paul Layton / acoustic guitar

Cressida biography
CRESSIDA were an excellent band of early British symphonic progressive scene. Their sound is mostly dominated by the most beautiful and symphonic Hammond organ (dirty, and mellow), piano, bass, guitar, and drums. The instrumental sections are equally good, and tend to be typical of early 70s English prog rock. Thanks to the captivating atmospheres and the technical ability of the musicians. Similar bands include FANTASY, BEGGARS' OPERA, CIRKUS, GRACIOUS, and SPRING.

Both CRESSIDA albums are excellent and very rare now (both were original Vertigo Swirls). Their self-titled debut is an early seventies forgotton classic with delicate vocals, gobs of organ and acoustic guitar. CRESSIDA's second Asylum is the best of the genre represented by BEGGARS' OPERA, SPRING, FANTASY, FRUUPP, and many more. The combinations of instruments used for this album featuring the flute and different keyboard configurations accompanied by acoustic guitar works. This album, though, was by far the better one, with long instrumental passages and more elaborate arrangements. Thus, if you're interested, Asylum is a recommended starter of great early British rock. DEFINITELY A CLASSIC!