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Prog & Acid Folk (Chile 1972)

Studio Album, released in 1974
Vinyl-Reissue 2011 Machitun

Songs / Tracks Listing

Side 1
1. Estrecha a tu hermano
2. Arrebol
3. Mentes prenadas de amor
4. Síntesis de la exitancia
5. El dulce espíritu de la soledad, ama la muerte hermano

Side 2
6. Tanto parcelamiento
7. Eclíptica
8. Atrapados por un pensamiento
9. Fantástico
10. Cosas que suceden
11. Cuantos que no tienen y merecen

A weird sort of hippy religious community that had to escape from Chile (along with many Chilean artiste including LOS JAIVAS) and head to Argentina where they were barely tolerated (the local regime didn't have much to envy from the Pinochet years). The community developed a local folk that could lead to a LOS JAIVAS-type folk rock (but without the Andean/Amerindian influences) and had sometimes special arrangements (two cellos in the band), but had a very religious/esoteric preoccupation lyric-wise, although they didn't appear to be a sort of sect like the mid-70's US group called THE TREES (not the UK group of the early 70's) that worshipped anything they could lay their hands upon. They had managed to record a single in 72, that apparently had its share of success, but their sole album was recorded in Argentina in 74 well after the Pinochet coup forced them to flee.