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Concrete Rubber Band - Risen Savior + 12 Bonus (Digipack)




Green Tree





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Psychedelic Rock (US)

Original release 1974
Re-issue 2007 New Music-Green Tree

+ 12 unreleased Bonus Tracks ( excellent sound quality !)

First official release !
contains 4 page insert w/ photo of the band and historical notes...( this release is not to be confused with the bootleg/pirate release that came out of the UK by
radioactive records in march 2006

The Concrete Rubber Band was a small, Kansas-based Jesus Band that performed from the late 1960s to early 1970s

1974 release on the Missouri-based American Artists label (AAS1164), of which only 2 or three copies are known to be exist in private collections. Despite the song titles, this is actually a strange and unusual rock album which just happens to have religious undertones. There's lots of organ, fuzz guitar, male and female lead vocals and masses of electronic embellishments. This is Christian psychedelia at its most extreme, with synthesized bubbling lava pits, frequency oscillations, distorted sci-fi vocals and short-wave static patterns. The album is littered with some of the most extreme fuzz guitar you'll ever hear, loads of scatty electronic effects, and even a flying saucer sequence right out of Dark Side Of The Moon. The whole project has a dense, murky home-made feel, and Duncan Long, the man behind the synths, guitars and song writing is now a successful sci-fi author. The album was recorded in one of the band's living rooms on a 2-track tape recorder. Only 500 copies were pressed, and most of these were given away when the album failed to realize commercial success.

Many thanks to Duncan Long , who give us the excellent Bonus Tracks.
Never released and in much better sound quality as the normal recordings.

Some of the most out there psychedelic sounds can be found on this Kansas trio's mega-rare-bear custom LP. One of the first Christian groups to tinker with synthesizers and be experimental at the same time. The song, Christian, for example, opens with a Bach fugue before laying in its steady rock beat punctuated with subterranean wah-wah guitar and a wild, heavily modulated synth lead.

The song, Wicked, opens side two with a bizarre amalgam of what sounds like synthesized, bubbling lava pits, frequency oscillations, distorted, sci-fi vocals and shortwave, static patterns. This is Christian psychedelia at its most underground and extreme with all the ear marks of a bad drug trip which, given the songs dark subject matter, works just fine.

Likewise, What Shall We Do? opens with a lengthy outpouring of some of the most vicious, distorted, fuzz guitar ever then relaxes into a spooky, dream-like ballad before it climaxes with a flying saucer effect that sounds straight out of Dark Side of the Moon.

There are several, fine and moody garage tracks here as well. Difficult to describe they are highly listenable and quite creative